About Us

Howes Acoustics Ltd is a UK-based hi-fi manufacturing company, owned and managed by John Howes. John has been a hi-fi enthusiast for over 40 years, having started his working life in 1967 servicing radio, television and audio equipment. He is a qualified electronics engineer, regular contributor to Hi-Fi News magazine, technical editor of the vintage hi-fi book, "Audio! Audio!", and organiser of the twice-yearly Audiojumble.

John said: "I've always had an interest in hi-fi, having made many valve amplifiers for my personal use in the 60's and 70's. Approximately 30 years ago I heard Voigt Domestic Corner Horn speakers for the first time. This experience was to change my life because I not only became a Voigt admirer but I also started researching his work and collecting his products. Thanks to a very understanding wife, these years of passionate collecting has resulted in the Lowther Voigt Museum".

Having experienced many different types of hi-fi products over the years, John is now totally committed to horn loading, high efficiency speakers and low output single ended triode amplifiers.